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Student Travel Grants and Carer Awards


SIGMM is offering several student travel grants and carer awards for those who would like to attend Mile High Video 2022. The application form(s) must be filled until February 11, 2022. To be eligible for any grant or award, the applicant must be a member of SIGMM (if not already, become a member at All the expenses are reimbursed after the event upon submitting the receipts to ACM.

SIGMM Student Travel Grants
SIGMM has centralized support for standard student travel for in-person participation. Any student member of SIGMM is eligible to apply, however, the students who are the first author of an accepted paper (in any track/workshop) are particularly encouraged to apply. The grants can cover any travel expenses such as airfare/shuttle, hotel and meals.

In addition to being a SIGMM member (which costs only $15 for a student), the applicant must be enrolled in a university at the time of the application submission.

Application Procedure:
Complete the form at After the conference, students are provided with a link to upload their receipts. Students traveling from within the same continent can be reimbursed up to USD 1,500 while students traveling intercontinental can get up to USD 2,000. Students are allowed to claim flights, local travel, accommodation, meals, but not conference registration.


Career Awards
SIGMM is sponsoring career awards for MHV/2022 to allow SIGMM members to attend in person. These grants are intended to cover extra costs to help with caring responsibilities — for example, healthcare or childcare back at home or at the destination — would otherwise limit your participation in the conference.

Application Procedure:
Complete the form at and let us know a fair estimate of your costs as well as how you arrived at that estimate. For example, you may use the average hourly rate for childcare where you live or the conference is. If awarded, you will complete another form from ACM, upload receipts, and get reimbursed directly. 

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