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We are happy to welcome all of you at the Marriott DTC, Denver!

Please register at: 

The MHV/2024 Technical Program is presented below:

February 11, 2024: Day 1

8:00-9:00   Breakfast and Gathering at the Marriott DTC, Denver

9:00-9:15   Opening Remarks  Slides

9:15-11:00  Video Streaming 1: CDN-Based Video Streaming - Systems and Applications (Session Chair: Ali C. Begen at Ozyegin University) 

  1. “Inferring Video Streaming Quality of Experience at scale using incremental statistics from CDN Logs”, Hugo Girault, Loïck Bonniot, Christoph Neumann (Broadpeak)   Slides

  2. “Dynamic Content Steering Services: How to Make Everyone Happy in a Multi-CDN World”, Burak Kara, Gwendal Simon (Synamedia)   Slides

  3. Multi-Video CDN system - Availability, Performance and Cost characteristics", Liang Ma, Haowei Yuan (Pinterest)  Slides

  4. “Next-Generation Access Tokens to Fight CDN Leeching”, Gwendal Simon, Gwenael Doerr  (Synamedia)   Slides

  5. “Active Switching: A Dynamic Approach to Optimize Video Streaming Performance”, Rui Costa (Codavel), Luis Lopez Chousa (Nice People At Work)   Slides

  6. “L4S: Low-Latency Low-Loss Scalable Throughput Architecture”, Glenn Deen (Comcast-NBCUniversal)   Slides

  7. “Content Steering: A Standard for Multi-CDN Streaming”, Yuriy Reznik (Brightcove), Guillem Cabrera (Brightcove UK), Daniel Silhavy, Stefan Pham (Fraunhofer FOKUS), Alex Giladi, Alex Balk (Comcast), Ali C. Begen (Ozyegin University), Will Law (Akamai)   Slides

11:00-11:30 Break

11:30-12:15 Keynote 1: "Evolution of Internet Streaming: 50 Years of Discovery", Yuriy Reznik - VP of Research at Brightcove (Session Chair: Alex Giladi at Comcast)   Slides

12:15-13:30  Lunch

13:30-14:30 Panel: "Open Caching" (incl. Q&A)

  • Moderator: Jason Thibeault (Executive Director at the Streaming Video Technology Alliance);

  • Panelists: Yoav Gressel (SVP of R&D at Qwilt); ErinRose Widner (Global Head of Business Strategy, Emerging and Creative Technologies, Media & Entertainment at Verizon); Iuniana Oprescu (Principal CDN Architect at Sky); Paul Strickland (Global Head of Customer Growth and Innovation, Open CDN at Vecima).  

14:30:14:45 Sponsors' 3-min presentations - Part 1 (Session Chair: Alex Giladi at Comcast)

14:45-16:30 Video Streaming 2: OTT Delivery, Ad-Supported Video Streaming, Scalable Video Streaming (Session Chair: Glenn Deen at Comcast-NBCUniversal)

  1. “Boosting the efficiency of OTT delivery with state-of-the-art streaming optimizations”, Thierry Fautier (MD, Your Media Transformation)   Slides

  2. “Standards based OTT A/B Watermarking at Scale”, Roberto Ramos Chavez, Rufael Mekuria (Unified Streaming), Espen Braastad (Varnish Software), Jamie Fletcher, Arjen Wagenaar (Unified Streaming)   Slides

  3. “Next Generation Linear Ad Supported Channel Experiences Across Multi-Distribution Platforms”, Yasser Syed, Stuart Kukowski (Comcast), Joel Derrico (Cox Communications), Dean Stoneback (SCTE)   Slides

  4. “Amazon compute Video Super-Resolution powered by Intel VSR”, Carlos Salazar, Arturo Velasco  (Amazon Web Services), Surbhi Madan, Christopher Bird, Mathew Garrison, Kevin Cone (Intel Corporation)   Slides

  5. “Optimizing Per-CPU Encoding Efficiency for Scalable and Low-Cost Live Streaming”, Bo Zhang, Zoe Liu, Thomas Davies,  Dmitriy Sychov (Visionular)   Slides

  6. “Spatial Scalability with AV1: A Comparison between Scalable AV1 and MPEG-5 LCEVC in Video Quality and Complexity”, Guendalina Cobianchi (V-Nova), Pavel Novotny (AMD)   Slides

16:30-22:00  Super Bowl and Latency Party 

February 12, 2024: Day 2 

8:00-9:00    Breakfast and Gathering

9:00-11:00  Video Coding 1: Recent Advances in Video Coding Standards and Coding Schemes (Session Chair: Dan Grois at AnyAITM) 

  1. “End-to-end VVC encoding for energy-aware HDR rendering”, Olivier Le Meur, Franck Aumont (InterDigital), Pierre-Loup Cabarat (IETR, INSA Rennes), Juan-Carlos Vargas-Rubio (Enensys), Daniel Menard (IETR, INSA Rennes), Thomas Guionnet (ATEME), Oussama Hammami (IETR, INSA Rennes)   Slides

  2. “Review and evaluation of VVC fast partitioning search methods using a common baseline”, Adam Wieckowski, Anastasia Henkel, Benjamin Bross, Heiko Schwarz, Detlev Marpe (Fraunhofer HHI)   Slides

  3. “MC-IF VVC technical guidelines”, Lukasz Litwic (Ericsson), Benjamin Bross (Fraunhofer HHI), Alan Stein (InterDigital) 

  4. “AV1 Deployment at Meta and Next Generation AOM Codec Development”, Zhijun Lei (Meta Platforms)   Slides

  5. "Accelerated and Adaptive Non-local Mean Temporal Filtering for Improved HEVC Coding Efficiency", Dror Porat, Vipul Parashar, Jant Chen, Ohad Markus, Limor Martin, Dotan Levi, Sampurnananda Mishra (NVIDIA)   Slides

  6. "H/W Accelerated Unsupervised Codec Modernization", Tamar Shoham (Beamr), Dotan Levi, Eyal Frishman (Nvidia) Slides

  7. "SSIM revisited: From Structural Similarity to Error Visibility", Yuriy Reznik (Brightcove)   Slides

10:45-11:15 Break

11:15-12:00 Keynote 2: "AI Steers TV SoC’s to new frontiers", Alfred Chan - Vice President of Technology Product Marketing at Mediatek, and Vikram Shrivastava - Sr. Director of Technology Product Marketing at Mediatek (Session Chair: Alex Giladi at Comcast)   Slides

12:00:12:15 Sponsors' 3-min presentations - Part 2  (Session Chair: Alex Giladi at Comcast)

12:15-12:30 "Women in Streaming Media" Meetup (near Elecard demo table)   Slides

12:30-13:45 Lunch

13:45-15:00 Panel: "Advanced Video Coding: the Future Outlook to the Next 5 Years" (incl. Q&A)"

  • Organizer and Moderator: Dan Grois (CEO & Founder at AnyAITM);

  • Panelists: Anne Aaron (Senior Director, Encoding Tech at Netflix); Elena Alshina (Chief Video Scientist at Huawei); Jill Boyce; Benjamin Bross (Head of Video Coding Systems Group at Fraunhofer HHI); Shan Liu (Distinguished Scientist and General Manager at Tencent); Justin Ridge (Vice-Chair ITU SG16, Principal Engineer at Nokia).

15:00-16:45 Video Coding 2: Film Grain Technology (Session Chair: Jan De Cock at Synamedia) 

  1. Tutorial (30min): "AV1 film grain synthesis and AFGS1”, Andrey Norkin (Netflix)   Slides

  2. “JVET Update: Film Grain Synthesis Technology for Video Applications”, Walt Husak (Dolby Labs)   Slides

  3. Gain of Grain: A Film Grain Handling Toolchain for VVC based Open Implementations”, Vignesh V. Menon, Adam Wieckowski, Jens Brandenburg, Benjamin Bross, Thomas Schierl, Detlev Marpe (Fraunhofer HHI)   Slides

  4. “Advances in Film-Grain Encoding in the AV1 Codec”, Zoe Liu, Wenyao Liu, Grant Hsu (Visionular), Peter de Rivaz, James Hutchinson (HDR Nova)   Slides

  5. “AV1-Compatible Film Grain Modeling for HEVC Decoders”, Dan Grois, Alex Giladi (Comcast), Thomas Guionnet, Thomas Burnichon, Nikolay Tverdokhleb, Mickael Raulet (Ateme)   Slides

  6. Novel Quality Assessment Metric for Film-Grain Preservation”, Wenyao Liu, Grant Hsu (Visionular), Peter de Rivaz, James Hutchinson (HDR Nova), Zoe Liu (Visionular)   Slides

16:45-17:15 Break

17:15-19:30 Video Streaming 3: Video Quality and Energy Efficiency in Video Streaming (Session Chair: Florence Agboma at Sky)

  1. "Combining Deep Learning and Feature Engineering for Perceptual Video Quality Assessment", Axel De Decker, Jan De Cock (Synamedia), Glenn Van Wallendael (Ghent University -- imec)   Slides

  2. "Standards-Based Neural-Network Post-Filters for Improved Video Quality", Sachin Deshpande (Sharp Labs of America)   Slides

  3. "Quality Control for Real-Time Variable Bit Rate Encoding", Chris Warrington, Sangar Sivashanmugam, Jan De Cock (Synamedia)   Slides

  4. “Video Quality Assessment with Texture Information Fusion for Streaming Applications", Vignesh V. Menon (Alpen-Adria-Universitat Klagenfurt), Prajit T Rajendran (Université Paris-Saclay), Reza Farahani (University of Klagenfurt), Klaus Schoeffmann, Christian Timmerer (Alpen-Adria-Universitat Klagenfurt)   Slides

  5. “Empowering a greener future: Strategies for Sustainable Video Streaming and Energy Efficiency”, Robert Seeliger, Stefan Pham, Stefan Arbanowski, Stephan Steglich (Fraunhofer FOKUS)   Slides

  6. “E-WISH: An Energy-aware ABR Algorithm For Green HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming”, Daniele Lorenzi, Minh Nguyen, Farzad Tashtarian, Christian Timmerer (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt)   Slides

  7. “Efficient Encoding Platform for Complex Transcoding Workflows”, Sujana Sooreddy, Poorna Chandra Tejashvi Reddy (Netflix)   Slides

  8. “The TDC profile of JPEG XS 3rd edition”, Tim Bruylants, Ben Runyan, Jean-Baptiste Lorent, Gaël Rouvroy (intoPIX SA, Belgium)   Slides

  9. “AI-Based Sports Highlight Generation for Social Media”, Cise Midoglu, Saeed Shafiee Sabet (SimulaMet, Forzasys), Mehdi Houshmand Sarkhoosh, Sayed Mohammad Majidi Dorcheh (OsloMet, Forzasys), Sushant Gautam (SimulaMet, OsloMet) , Tomas Kupka (Forzasys), Pål Halvorsen (SimulaMet, OsloMet, Forzasys)   Slides

19:30-22:00 Happy Hour (sponsored by Comcast) 

February 13, 2024: Day 3 

8:00-9:00    Breakfast and Gathering

9:00-11:30 Video Streaming 4: Low-Latency Media and Media over QUIC (Session Chair: Yasser Syed at Comcast) 

  1. “High Quality in a Low Latency World - AV1 for Live Streaming and Real Time Communications", Thomas Davies, Dmitriy Sychov (Visionular)   Slides

  2. “MoQ Goes to Kindergarten (Our Little Streaming Format Grows up)”, Will Law (Akamai)   Slides

  3. “This is The Way: Prioritization in Media-over-QUIC Transport”, Zafer Gurel, Tugce Erkilic Civelek, Ali C. Begen (Ozyegin University)

  4. “Ultra-low Latency Video Delivery Over WebRTC Data Channels”, Nelson Francisco, Olie Baumann, Julien Le Tanou, Richard Fliam  (MediaKind)   Slides

  5. "Toward WebTransport Support in dash.js", Stefan Pham, Philip Nys, Daniel Silhavy (Fraunhofer FOKUS), Ali C. Begen (Ozyegin University), Stefan Arbanowski, Stephan Steglich (Fraunhofer FOKUS)   Slides

  6. “JND-aware Zero latency Encoding Scheme for HTTP Adaptive Live Streaming”, Vignesh V Menon (Alpen-Adria-Universitat Klagenfurt); Jingwen Zhu (Nantes Université), Prajit T Rajendran (Université Paris-Saclay), Samira Afzal, Klaus Schoeffmann (Alpen-Adria-Universitat Klagenfurt), Patrick Le Callet (Polytech Nantes), Christian Timmerer (Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt)   Slides

  7. "Kyber is a new solution for remote controlling of machines, focused on the lowest latency possible", Jean-Baptiste Kempf (VideoLAN)   Slides

  8. "Hybrid Real Time & Live Streaming: From Sub second to Infinity and Beyond", David Hassoun,  Phil Moss (Dolby)   Slides

  9. “Enhancing Adaptive Video Streaming with Latency-Aware Dynamic Resolution Encoding”, Amritha Premkumar (Rheinland-Pfälzische Technische Universität Kaiserslautern-Landau), Prajit T. Rajendran  (Université Paris-Saclay), Vignesh V. Menon, Adam Wieckowski, Benjamin Bross (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute), Christian Timmerer (Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt), Detlev Marpe (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute)   Slides

  10. "Media over QUIC distribution with PureScript, Erlang, and Rust", Mike English (id3as)   Slides

11:30-12:00 Break

12:00-12:45 Keynote 3: "Next Generation Networks", Dan Rice - VP Access Network Engineering at Comcast (Session Chair: Alex Giladi at Comcast)   Slides

12:45-13:00 Sponsors' 3-min presentations - Part 3  (Session Chair: Alex Giladi at Comcast)

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:15 Panel: "Recent Advances in AI-Based Technologies for Video Coding and Streaming" (incl. Q&A)

  • Organizer and Moderator: Dan Grois (CEO & Founder at AnyAITM);

  • Panelists: Elena Alshina (Chief Video Scientist at Huawei); Alexandria Burkleaux (AI/ML Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS at Amazon); Shan Liu (Distinguished Scientist and General Manager at Tencent); Mickael Raulet (CTO at Ateme); Tamar Shoham (CTO at Beamr).

15:15-15:30 Awards Ceremony

15:30-17:00 Video Coding 3: Immersive/3D Applications Depth Maps

  1. “MV-HEVC: How to optimize compression of immersive 3D content”, Thomas Guionnet, Thomas Burnichon, Mickaël Raulet (Ateme)   Slides

  2. “No-Reference Quality of Experience Model for Dynamic Point Clouds in Augmented Reality”, Minh Nguyen, Shivi Vats, Hermann Hellwagner (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt)   Slides

  3. “AI-based monocular depth-map estimation applied to a video encoding pipeline”, Thomas Guionnet, Marc Rivière, Mickael Raulet (Ateme)   Slides

  4. “Enhancing Virtual Reality with 360° data analytics and customized content delivery”, Sanjay Mishra (Verizon), Ravid Hadar (Compira Labs), Brian Stevenson (Openvu.TV)   Slides

  5. “Usage of Multiplane Image Information SEI Message for Distribution of Lightweight 3DoF+ Immersive Content with Conventional 2D Decoder”, Taoran Lu, Peng Yin, Sejin Oh, Sean McCarthy (Dolby Laboratories)   Slides

  6. “Comprehensive Testbed for Evaluating Remote Rendering Performance in the Evolving Metaverse”, Louay Bassbouss, Alexander Zoubarev, Stephan Steglich, Stefan Arbanowski, Peter Pogrzeba (Fraunhofer FOKUS)   Slides

17:00-17:30 Break

17:30-19:00 Video Streaming 5: Machine Vision, Storage, Cellular/Wireless Networks (Session Chair: Will Law at Akamai)

  1. “Overview of Visual Signal Compression towards Machine Vision”, Shurun Wang (Alibaba Group), Shiqi Wang (City University of Hong Kong) , Yan Ye (Alibaba Group)   Slides

  2. “On Demand Bandwidth Boost: Improving video streaming over cellular networks with Network APIs”, Tuan Tran, Dylan Gageot, Christoph Neumann, Guillaume Bichot (Broadpeak), Abderrahmen Tlili, Karim Boutiba, Adlen Ksentini (Eurecom)   Slides

  3. “Efficient Recompression for Storage Saving in VOD Streaming Services”, Zhijun Lei, Klaus Schneider, Anand Vadera, Mohanish Penta, Chen Fan (Meta Platforms)   Slides

  4. “Optimizing mobile video streaming through collaboration between content providers and 5G networks”, Daniel Silhavy (Fraunhofer FOKUS), Richard Bradbury, David Waring, Dev Audsin (British Broadcasting Corporation), Jordi J. Gimenez (5G-MAG), Kurt Krauss (Dolby Germany GmbH)   Slides

  5. “Real-Time Liquid Wireless Transport for Video Streaming in Rural and Agricultural Applications”, Elisabeth Kusuma Adi Permatasari, Evan Gossling, Md Nadim, Sarath Babu, Daji Qiao, Hongwei Zhang (Iowa State University), Michael Luby (ICSI, BitRipple), John Byers (Boston University), Lorenz Minder, Pooja Aggrawal (BitRipple)   Slides

  6. “Leveraging 5G for Enhanced Uplink Video Streaming”, Thibaud Biatek (Nokia), Jordi J. Gimenez (5G-MAG), Thorsten Lohmar (Ericsson), David Butler (BBC)   Slides

19:00-19:15 Main Session Closing Remarks   Slides

February 14, 2024: Day 4 

8:30-18:45  Networking and co-located SEGMENTS 2024 Conference (note that the registration for SEGMENTS 2024 has to be done separately on the SVTA website).

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