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We are happy to welcome all of you at the Grand Hyatt Denver! 

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MHV/2023 Technical Program is presented below:

May 7, 2023: Day 1 (Practical Tutorials

13:00-14:00  Gathering at the Grand Hyatt Denver

14:00-15:00 "DASH based media streaming with dash.js", Daniel Silhavy (Fraunhofer FOKUS)

15:00-15:15  Break

15:15-16:15  "Exploring the Capabilities of ISOBMFF (MP4)", Dimitri Podborski (Apple)

16:15-16:30   Break

16:30-17:30  "Encoding and Packaging x265/HDR with FFmpeg, Bento4 and mp4box",  Jan Ozer (NETINT)

17:30-17:45    Break

17:45-18:45   "A hands-on tutorial for using VMAF in practice", Christos Bampis (Netflix)

19:00-22:00    Welcome Reception Party 

May 8, 2023: Day 2 

8:00-9:00    Breakfast and Gathering

9:00-9:15    Opening Remarks 

9:15-11:00  Video Streaming 1: Adaptive Video Encoding and Streaming

  1. “Unlimited ABR Stacks? Sure, why not? Enabling large-scale 4K ABR stacks in real-time through distributed live encoding”, Heather Mellish, Margo McDowall (Amazon Web Services, AWS) 

  2. Bitrate and Adaptive Streaming: What are We Measuring and Why?”, Alex Giladi, Dan Grois (Comcast); Kirithika Kalirathnam (Multicoreware, Inc); Robert Dandrea (Comcast)

  3. “CP-Steering: CDN- and Protocol-Aware Content Steering Solution for HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming”, Reza Farahani (University of Klagenfurt); Abdelhak Bentaleb (Concordia University); Mohammad Shojafar (University of Surrey); Christian Timmerer, Hermann Hellwagner (University of Klagenfurt)

  4. “Framework for Authoring and Delivery of Targeted Media Presentations using a Smart Edge Proxy Cache", Roberto Ramos-Chavez, Rufael Mekuria (Unified Streaming); Espen Braastad (Varnish Software); Arjen Wagenaar (Unified Streaming)

  5. “Live Low-Latency Cloud-based Adaptive Video Streaming Evaluation Framework”, Babak Taraghi (Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt)

  6. “Improving ABR Encoding by Adaptation to "True Resolution" of the Content”, Yuriy Reznik, Karl Lillevold, Abhijith Jagannath (Brightcove)

  7. "Transcoding Quality Prediction for Adaptive Video Streaming", Reza Farahani, Vignesh V Menon (University of Klagenfurt); Prajit T Rajendran (Université Paris-Saclay); Hermann Hellwagner (University of Klagenfurt); Mohammed Ghanbari (University of Essex); Christian Timmerer (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt)

11:00-11:30 Break


11:30-12:30 Keynote 1: "Video Quality: A Nexus of Video Engineering and Visual Neuroscience", Alan Bovik  (University of Texas at Austin)

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-14:45  Panel: "FIFA 2022 Streaming Insights" (incl. Q&A) 

14:45-16:15 Video Streaming 2: Networking and Analytics

  1. “Dynamic CDN Switching - DASH-IF Content Steering in dash.js”, Daniel Silhavy (Fraunhofer FOKUS); Will Law (Akamai); Stefan Pham (Fraunhofer FOKUS); Ali C. Begen (Ozyegin University); Alex Giladi (Comcast); John Benton (Comcast)

  2. “Elastic Video CDNs at the Edge”, Guillaume Bichot, Christoph Neumann, Tuan Tran (Broadpeak)

  3. “CDN Performance Evaluation with Edge-Embedded Watermarking”, Gwendal Simon, Gwenael Doerr (Synamedia)

  4. “Which CDN to Download From? A Client and Server Strategies”, Abdelhak Bentaleb (Concordia University); Reza Farahani, Farzad Tashtarian, Christian Timmerer, Hermann Hellwagner (University of Klagenfurt); Roger Zimmermann (National University of Singapore)

  5. “Common Media Server Data (CMSD) – Update on Implementations and Validation of Key Use Cases”, Stefan Pham (Fraunhofer FOKUS); Will Law (Akamai); Ali C. Begen (Ozyegin University); Daniel Silhavy, Stefan Arbanowski, Stephan Steglich (Fraunhofer FOKUS)

  6. “Reducing Delivery Costs by Optimal Multi-CDN Traffic Allocation”, Yuriy Reznik (Brightcove, Inc.); Nabajeet Barman (Brightcove UK Ltd.); Bo Zhang (Brightcove Inc); Andrew Sinclair (Brightcove Australia); Stuart Hicks (Brightcove UK Ltd.); Ted Krofssik (Brightcove, Inc.)

16:15-16:45 Break

16:45-18:00  Video Streaming 3: QUIC Protocol

  1. “ Live Media over QUIC”, Luke Curley (Twitch / Amazon IVS)

  2. “ The PUSH to Pub/Sub”, Will Law (Akamai); Suhas Nandakumar (Cisco)

  3. “Need for Low Latency: Media over QUIC”, Zafer Gurel, Tugce Erkilic Civelek, Ali C. Begen (Ozyegin University)

  4. “Live Streaming using SRT with QUIC Datagrams”, Maria Sharabayko, Maxim Sharabayko (Haivision Network Video GmbH)

  5. “Context-Aware HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming Utilizing QUIC's Stream Priority”, Sindhu Chellappa (University of New Hampshire); Reza Farahani (University of Klagenfurt); Radim Bartos (University of New Hampshire); Christian Timmerer, Hermann Hellwagner (Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt)

18:00-19:00 Special Session (Amazon)

19:00-22:00 Happy Hour (sponsored by Amazon) 

May 9, 2023: Day 3 

8:00-9:00    Breakfast and Gathering

9:00-11:00  Video Coding 1: Video Coding Standards, Video Codecs Optimization and Performance Evaluations

  1. “Open and optimized VVC Implementations on ARM Architectures”, Adam Wieckowski, Gabriel Hege, Benjamin Bross, Detlev Marpe (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute)

  2. "MC-IF VVC technical guidelines", Lukasz Litwic (Ericsson); Justin Ridge (Nokia); Alan Stein (InterDigital)

  3. “Green HEVC Encoding - How To Be Both Coding Efficient and Energy Efficient”, Zoe Liu (Visionular Inc)

  4. “Performance Assessment of AV1, x265 and VVenC Open-Source Encoder Implementations Compared to VVC and HEVC Reference Software Models”, Dan Grois, Alex Giladi (Comcast)

  5. “AI-Based Light Parallel Video Encoder”, Marwa Tarchouli (Ateme, INSA Rennes); Thomas Guionnet (ATEME); Olivier Deforges (INSA Rennes); Wassim Hamidouche (INSA Rennes); Meriem Outtas (INSA Rennes)

  6. “Novel Histogram-Based Scene Change Detection Scheme for x265 Open-Source Video Encoder”, Santhoshini Sekar, Ashok Kumar Mishra (Multicoreware, Inc); Alex Giladi, Dan Grois (Comcast)

  7. “ Cloud based AI-driven Video Super-Resolution”, Nelson Francisco, Julien Le Tanou (MediaKind)

  8. “Novel Motion-Compensated Spatio-Temporal Filtering Scheme for x265 Open-Source Video Encoder”,  Santhoshini Sekar, Ashok Kumar Mishra (Multicoreware, Inc); Alex Giladi, Dan Grois (Comcast)

11:00-11:30 Break

11:30-12:15 Keynote 2 (Ateme)

12:15-13:45 Lunch

13:45-14:45 Panel: "AI-Based Technologies in Video Coding and Streaming: the Future Outlook" (incl. Q&A) 

14:45-16:15 Video Streaming 4: Media Processing and Streaming Optimization

  1. “Content aware convexhull prediction”, Jayasingam Adhuran, Gosala Kulupana (BBC)

  2. “Cloud-based workflow for AVC film grain synthesis”, Vijayakumar Gayathri Ramakrishna, Kaustubh Patankar, Mukund Srinivasan (Ittiam Systems Pvt Ltd)

  3. “Fast and Robust Location-Aware Video Deduplication”, Chris Henry, Rijun Liao (University of Missouri-Kansas City); Ruiyuan Lin, Zhebin Zhang, Hongyu Sun (InnoPeak Technology (Oppo US Research Center)); Zhu Li (University of Missouri-Kansas City)

  4. “Greening of Streaming: Gold Buttons and 'Good Enough' quality for the sake of energy efficiency”, Dom Robinson (Greening of Streaming)

  5. “Improving the Performance of Web-Streaming by Super-Resolution Upscaling”, Nabajeet Barman, Yuriy Reznik, Patrick Wagstrom (Brightcove)

  6. “Coding techniques in JPEG XS for efficient production and contribution”, Siegfried Foessel, Thomas Richter (Fraunhofer IIS)

16:15-16:45 Break

16:45-18:00 Video Streaming 5: Media Delivery and A/B Testing

  1. “Interoperable Streaming Media Tracing”, Chris Lemmons (Comcast); Josh Evans (Datazoom)

  2. “Redundant Encoding and Packaging for Segmented Live Media (REaP)”, Rufael Mekuria (Unified Streaming); Mohamad Raad (Lebanese International University); Ali C. Begen (Ozyegin University)

  3. “Towards Algorithmic Foundations for Customizable Video Delivery”, Michael Schapira (Compira Labs); Eden Zerbib Itah (Compira Labs)

  4. “Customizing Video Content Delivery: a Service Provider’s Perspective”, Francisco Jose Cano Hila, Juan Luis Ramos Martinez (Telefonica); Michael Schapira (Compira Labs)

  5. “A/B Testing: From Start to Scale”, Miranda Kroehl (Charter Communications); Elise Rosa (Charter Communications)

18:00-19:00 Special Session (Comcast)

19:00-22:00 Happy Hour and Awards Ceremony (sponsored by Comcast)

May 10, 2023: Day 4 

8:00-9:00    Breakfast and Gathering

9:00-11:00 Video Coding 2: Visual Quality and QoE

  1. “Improving Netflix video quality with neural networks”, Christos G. Bampis, Li-Heng Chen, Zhi Li (Netflix)

  2. “Toward a perceptual quality model for creative content with film grain”, Wentao Liu, Alex Duanmu, Hojatollah Yeganeh (SSIMWAVE)

  3. “Determining Video Complexity to optimise Video Quality Assessment”, Ivan Damnjanovic, Ian Trow (Sky UK)

  4. “Perceptual quality evaluation of variable resolution VVC video coding using RPR”, Thomas Guionnet, Nikolay Tverdokhleb (Ateme); Kenneth Andersson (Ericsson AB)

  5. “Video Quality Measurement & Control for Live Encoding”, Jan De Cock (Synamedia)

  6. “Energy-aware images: Quality of Experience vs Energy Reduction", Olivier Le Meur, Claire-Hélène Demarty, Erik Reinhard, Franck Aumont, Laurent Blonde (InterDigital, France)

  7. “Measuring QoE for Short-Form Videos", Authors: Mathieu Planche (Witbe)

  8. “Elevating Your Streaming Experience with Just Noticeable Difference (JND)-based Encoding", Jingwen Zhu (Nantes Université); Hadi Amirpour, Vignesh V Menon (Alpen-Adria-Universität); Raimund Schatz (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology); Patrick Le Callet (Nantes Université)

11:00-11:30 Break

11:30-12:30 Video Streaming 6: Immersive Technologies

  1. “Enabling immersive experiences in challenging network conditions”, Michael Luby (BitRipple, Inc.)

  2. “ VVC for Immersive Video Streaming”, Miska Hannuksela (Nokia Technologies); Sachin Deshpande (Sharp Labs of America)

  3. “Standards for the streaming of split and network-rendered immersive experiences”, Imed Bouazizi (Qualcomm); Thomas Stockhammer (Qualcomm); Nikolai Leung (Qualcomm)

  4. “Solving the Multiview Problem”, Rob Koenen, Ray van Brandenburg (Tiledmedia)

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-14:45 Keynote 3: "Use of AI/ML in MVPD Video Platforms", Amit Bagga (Comcast)

14:45-15:45  Video Streaming 7: Low-Latency and Updates on Standards

  1. "Bandwidth Prediction in Low-Latency Media Transport", Abdelhak Bentaleb (Concordia University); Mehmet N. Akcay (Ozyegin University); May Lim (National University of Singapore); Ali C. Begen (Ozyegin University); Roger Zimmermann (National University of Singapore)

  2. “Performance Analysis of Low-Latency DASH, HLS, and HESP players”, Bo Zhang (Brightcove, Inc.); Nabajeet Barman (Brightcove UK, Ltd.); Yuriy Reznik (Brightcove, Inc.)

  3. “Sustainable TV Distribution by Delivering Universal DVB-I TV Services”, Christophe Burdinat, Mickael Raulet (ATEME); Pascal Perrot, Julien Lemotheux (Orange); Patrice Angot, Philippe Gonon (Viaccess-Orca); Richard Lhermitte (ENENSYS); Pierre-Loup Cabarat (IETR)

  4. “DVB’s Toolbox for Internet Television”, Rufael Mekuria (Unified Streaming); Guilaume Bichot (Broadpeak)

15:45-16:15 Break

16:15-17:15  Video Streaming 8: Updates on Standards (Cont.) and 5G Media Streaming

  1. “Robust SCTE 35 in the OTT workflow", Rufael Mekuria (Unified Streaming)

  2. "Ad and In-Game Betting Use Cases for SCTE-224", Gregg Brown, Stuart Kurkowski (Comcast Technology Services)

  3. “RMTS: A Real-time Media Transport Stack Based on Commercial Off-the-shelf Hardware”, Ping Yu, Yi Wang, Ming Li, Jianxin Du, Raul Diaz (Intel)

  4. "3GPP Rel-17 5G Media Streaming and 5G Broadcast powered by 5G-MAG Reference Tools", Richard Bradbury, David Waring, Dev Audsin (British Broadcasting Corporation); Daniel Silhavy (Fraunhofer FOKUS); Johann Mika (Austrian Broadcasting Services); Klaus Kuehnhammer (Bitstem GmbH); Jordi J. Gimenez (5G-MAG)

17:15-17:45 Special Session (Details will be provided later)

17:45-18:00  Closing Remarks

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