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A list of accepted Oral presentations and Posters, as well as Tutorials, is provided below:

Emmy Tutorials:


      1. “Introduction to ISO-BMFF (fMP4) and CMAF”, Cyril Concolato (Netflix)


      2. “Introduction to MPEG DASH”, Thomas Stockhammer (Qualcomm)


      3. “Advertisement and content replacement ecosystem: SCTE 35, ESNI, and ESAM”, Steven Riedl (Pluto TV)

Oral Presentations 20 minutes (15min. + 5 min of Q&A):

     1. “Latest advances in the development of the open-source player dash.js”; Authors: Daniel Silhavy, Stefan Pham, Stefan Arbanowski, Stephan Steglich (Fraunhofer FOKUS); Bjoern Harrer (Deutsche Telekom AG)


     2. “Super-resolution Based Bitrate Adaptation for HTTP Adaptive Streaming for Mobile Devices”; Authors: Minh Nguyen, Ekrem Çetinkaya, Hermann Hellwagner (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt); Christian Timmerer (Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt)

    3. “Novel Temporal Masking Framework for Perceptually Optimized Video Coding”; Authors: Dan Grois, Alex Giladi (Comcast); Praveen Kumar Karadugattu, Niranjankumar Balasubramanian (Multicoreware, Inc)


     4. “HDR video coding with MPEG-5 LCEVC”; Authors: Lorenzo Ciccarelli, Simone Ferrara, Florian Maurer, Amaya Moreno (V-Nova)


     5. “CMCD at work with real-time, real-world data”; Authors: Will Law (Akamai); Sean McCarthy (ViacomCBS)

     6. “Incapable Capabilities - Less is More”; Authors: Thomas Stockhammer (Qualcomm); Cyril Concolato (Netflix)


     7. “Optimizing Real-Time Video Encoders with ML”; Authors: Nelson Francisco, Julien Le Tanou (MediaKind)


     8. “Contrast Aware Multiscale Banding Index (CAMBI)”; Authors: Mariana Afonso, Joel Sole, Lukas Krasula, Zhi Li (Netflix); Pulkit Tandon (Stanford University)


     9. “SCTE-224 and Channel Variants for a Streamlined Content Delivery”; Authors: Walid Hamri (Sinclair Broadcast Group); Jean Macher (Harmonic)

   10. “Evaluation of MPEG-5 Part 2 (LCEVC) for Live Gaming Video Streaming Applications”;  Authors: Nabajeet Barman (Kingston University); Steven Schmidt (Quality and Usability Lab, TU Berlin); Saman Zadtootaghaj (TU Berlin); Maria Martini (Kingston University)


    11. “Session-Based DASH Streaming: A new MPEG standard for customizing DASH streaming per session”; Authors: Iraj Sodagar (Tencent America); Alex Giladi (Comcast)


   12. “Multimedia Streaming Analytics - Quo Vadis?”; Authors: Cise Midoglu (Simula Metropolitan Center for Digital Engineering); Mariana Avelino, Shri Hari Gopalakrishnan, Stefan Pham (Fraunhofer FOKUS); Pål Halvorsen (Simula Metropolitan Center for Digital Engineering)


    13. “VVC in the Cloud and Browser Playback – It Works”; Authors: Adam Wieckowski, Gabriel Hege, Christian Lehmann, Benjamin Bross, Detlev Marpe (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute); Christian Feldmann, Martin Smole (Bitmovin)


    14. “Network Congestion Control and its Impact on Video Streaming QoE”; Authors: Ravid Hadar, Michael Schapira (Compira Labs)


   15. “Improving Streaming Quality and Bitrate Efficiency with Dynamic Resolution Selection”; Authors: Xavier Ducloux, Patrick Gendron, Thierry Fautier (Harmonic)


   16. “A standards-based framework for real-time media in immersive scenes”; Authors: Imed Bouazizi, Thomas Stockhammer (Qualcomm)


  17. “Revisiting Bjontegaard Delta Bitrate (BD-BR) Computation for Codec Compression Efficiency Comparison”; Authors: Nabajeet Barman (Brightcove); Maria Martini (Kingston University); Yuriy Reznik (Brightcove)


    18. “Low encoding overhead ultra low latency streaming via HESP through sparse Initialization Streams”; Authors: Pieter-Jan Speelmans (THEO Technologies)


    19. “Extend CMAF Usage for large scale video delivery”; Authors: Khaled Jerbi, Mickael Raulet, Lucas Gregory, Eric Toullec (ATEME)


    20. “Performance-under-Privacy: delivering commercial streaming content in a privacy-first world”; Authors: Will Law (Akamai)​


    21. “Deploying the ITU-T P.1203 QoE Model in the Wild and Retraining for New Codecs”; Authors: Werner Robitza (AVEQ GmbH); Rakesh Rao Ramachandra-Rao, Steve Göring (TU Ilmenau); Alexander Dethof (AVEQ GmbH); Alexander Raake (TU Ilmenau)


    22. “Machine Learning Assisted Real-time Video-QoE Estimation Technique for Encrypted Video Traffic”; Authors: Raza Ul Mustafa, Christian Esteve Rothenberg (University of Campinas)


    23. “Update on the Emerging Versatile Video Coding (VVC) Standard and its Applications”; Authors: Benjamin Bross (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute); Mathias Wien, Jens-Rainer Ohm (RWTH Aachen); Gary J. Sullivan (Microsoft Research), Yan Ye (Alibaba)


    24. “VideoAI : Realizing the Potential of Media Analytics”; Authors: Faisal Ishtiaq (Comcast, Applied AI & Discovery); Kerry Zinger (Comcast Technology Solutions)


    25. “Delivering the Metaverse using Erasure Codes”; Authors: Michael Luby (BitRipple, Inc)


    26. “Enabling the immersive display – a new paradigm for content distribution”; Authors: Arianne T. Hinds (Tencent USA)


   27. “Ask not what HTTP/2+3 can do for you – ask what you can do for HTTP/2+3”; Authors: Minh Nguyen, Christian Timmerer (Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt)


   28. “Overview of the DASH-HLS Interoperability Specification, 2021 Edition”; Authors: Zachary Cava (Disney Streaming)


   29. “Behind the Scene: Delivering Olympic Games to Comcast Subscribers”; Authors: Derik Yarnell (Comcast)


   30. “Hybrid Linear Encoding - AKA Remote Worker”; Authors: Davide Gandino (Sky)


   31. “Video Streaming Engineering: Our Industry Learns from Failure”; Authors: David Hassoun, Jun Heider (Dolby Labs)


   32. “Quality assessment of video with film grain”; Authors: Hojatollah Yeaganeh (SSIMWAVE); Zhou Wang (University of Waterloo, SSIMWAVE)

   33. “AV1 film grain synthesis tool”; Authors: Andrey Norkin (Netflix)

   34. “Improving content discovery and viewer engagement with AI”; Authors: Martin Prins (Media Distillery)

   35. “Video Codec Licensing Landscape”; Authors: Carter Eltzroth (Helikon); Jud Cary (CableLabs)

   36. “AOM Next Generation Video Coding Standard Development Update”; Authors: Ryan Lei (Facebook)

   37. “How Innovations in hardware ASIC architectures and new design approaches can provide the economics needed for tomorrow’s video networks without sacrificing compression efficiency”; Authors: Avinash Ramachandran (Xilinx)

    38. "On multiple media representations and CDN performance"Authors: Yuriy Reznik, Thiago Teixeira, Robert Peck (Brightcove, Inc.) 

Poster Presentations A0 format: 33.1 inch x 46.8 inch / 841 mm x 1189 mm; can be either in "Portrait" or "Landscape".


    1. “Fast and Effective AI Approaches for Video Quality Improvement”; Authors: Marco Bertini, Leonardo Galteri, Lorenzo Seidenari, Tiberio Uricchio, Alberto Del Bimbo (Univ. di Firenze - MICC / Small Pixels)


    2. “Live OTT Services Delivery with Ad-Insertion using VVC, CMAF-LL and ROUTE: an End-to-End Chain”; Authors: Thibaud Biatek, Mohsen Abdoli, Christophe Burdinat, Eric Toullec, Lucas Gregory, Mickael Raulet (ATEME)


    3. “Open Source Inter-Encoder Synchronisation Testbed for Live OTT Head-Ends based on EpochSegmentSync”; Authors: Rufael Mekuria, Jamie Fletcher, Roberto Ramos Chavez, Mark Ogle, Dirk Griffioen, Arjen Wagenaar, Dimitry Andric, Boy van Dijk (Unified Streaming)


    4. “Sustainable OTT Video Distribution Powered by 5G-Multicast/Unicast Delivery and Versatile Video Coding”; Authors: Thibaud Biatek (ATEME); Edouard François (InterDigital); Cedric Thienot (Enensys Technologies); Wassim Hamidouche (IETR)


    5. “Delivering Universal TV Services in a Multi-Network and Multi-Device World with DVB-I”; Authors: Thibaud Biatek, Mickael Raulet (ATEME); Patrice Angot, Philippe Gonon (Viaccess-Orca); Cedric Thienot (Enensys Technologies); Wassim Hamidouche (IETR); Pascal Perrot, Julien Lemotheux (Orange)


    6. “Porting BQM Perceptual Video Quality Measure to Hardware”; Authors: Sergey Pyko, Boris Fillipov, Tamar Shoham, Dror Gill (Beamr)


    7. “RICHTER: Hybrid P2P-CDN Architecture for Low Latency Live Video Streaming”; Authors: Reza Farahani, Hadi Amirpour, Farzad Tashtarian (Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt); Abdelhak Bentaleb (National University of Singapore); Christian Timmerer (Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt); Hermann Hellwagner (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt); Roger Zimmermann (National University of Singapore)


    8. “Microservices for Multimedia: Video Encoding”; Authors: Frank San Miguel, Naveen Mareddy, Anush Krishna Moorthy, Xiaomei Liu (Netflix Inc.)


    9. “Multi-buffer AVX-512 accelerated parallelization of CBCS common encryption mode”; Authors: Marcel Cornu, Mark Jewett, Sumit Mohan (Intel); Romain Bouqueau (GPAC); Tomasz Kantecki (Intel); Jean Le Feuvre (Telecom Paris); Gordon Kelly (Intel); Alex Giladi (Comcast)

   10. “Perceptual modeling for banding detections”; Authors: Hojatollah Yeaganeh (SSIMWAVE); Zhou Wang (University of Waterloo, SSIMWAVE)


   11. “ABR-aware prefetching methods in P2P”; Authors: Hiba Yousef (Lumen); Jean Le Feuvre (Telecom Paris); Alexandre Storelli (Lumen)


   12. “CAdViSE or how to find the Sweet Spots of ABR Systems”; Authors: Babak Taraghi (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt); Abdelhak Bentaleb (National University of Singapore); Christian Timmerer (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt); Roger Zimmermann (National University of Singapore); Hermann Hellwagner (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt)


    13. “A Novel Approach to Testing Seamless Audio & Video Playback in CTA WAVE”; Authors: Bob Campbell, Yan Jiang (Eurofins Digital Testing)


    14. “LwTE: Light-weight Transcoding at the Edge”; Authors: Alireza Efranian, Hadi Amirpour, Farzad Tashtarian, Hermann Hellwagner, Christian Timmerer (Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt)


    15. “Integrating WebRTC-Based Streaming and DASH: Use Cases and Technical Considerations”; Authors: Thomas Stockhammer (Qualcomm); Ali C. Begen (Ozyegin University / Networked Media); Julia Kenyon (Phenix RTS); Ofer Shem Tov (Edgecast); Louay Bassbouss, Daniel Silhavy (Fraunhofer FOKUS); Nathan Burr (Edgecast); Bill Wishon (Phenix RTS)


    16. “Online Per-title Encoding for HTTP Live Streaming”; Authors: Vignesh Menon, Hadi Amirpour, Christian Timmerer (Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt)


    17. “Standards Based End-to-End Metadata Transport for Live Production Workflows”; Authors: Kent Terry (Dolby Laboratories)


    18. “It is not Only What You Requested, It is also When and from Whom You Requested It”; Authors: May Lim (National University of Singapore); Mehmet N. Akcay (Ozyegin University); Abdelhak Bentaleb (National University of Singapore); Ali C. Begen (Ozyegin University / Networked Media); Roger Zimmermann (National University of Singapore)

      19. "Using CMAF to deliver High Resolution Immersive Video with Ultra-low End to End Latency for Live Streaming"; Authors: Hua Zhang, Anna Qingfeng Li, Xiaomin Chen, Ying Luo, William Chuang (Intel Corp.) 

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